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The official military help desks are listed here:

NOTE:  Organizations with a *- in front of Hours might provide limited support for Home Computers

Name: Organization Contact Information:
Army Enterprise Service Desk - Worldwide (AESD-W) (support for AKO & Enterprise Email)

*-Hours:  24 / 7
Army        Web: (CAC required link)
    Phone: 866-335-2769

Limited support to personal Windows computers and NO support for personal Apple computers
Army Enterprise Service Desk - Reserve (AESD-R)

*-Hours: 24 / 7
Army Reserve       
  Web: https://esdhelp (only available while on the Army Reserve Network (ARNet)
Phone: 844-770-ESD-R (3737)
RAPIDS Self Service
(PIV Activation Web Site)

*-Hours:  24 / 7
DMDC   Web:
Phone:  800-477-8227

   DSN:  312-698-5000
Army & NETCOM CAC / PKI Help Desk

*-Hours:  Monday - Friday 0700-1500 Mountain Standard Time since Arizona does NOT participate in Daylight Saving Time
Army  Email: 

Phone: 866-738-3222
  DSN:  312-865-2000

Defense Health Agency email
DoD  Web: (NIPRNet CAC only access)
Email: (NIPRNet CAC only access)

Phone:  800-600-9332
   DSN:  312-808-3000
Army Evaluation Entry System (EES)

(Forms program for Army Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers)
Army Webform:

    Phone:  502-613-7777

Please include a screenshot of the error in your email to help their developers resolve the issue.
CHESS (Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software & Solutions)

*-Hours: Monday - Friday 0800-1700 Eastern Time
Army   Email:
Phone:  703-806-1019
Phone:  888-232-4405
   DSN:  312-656-1019
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) MyPay DoD  Phone: 800-372-7437, Options 5, 2, 1 or 2
ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resources System)

*- Hours: 0730-1730 Eastern Time
Army   Email:
Phone:  703-695-2060
  DSN:  312-225-2060
DISA DCS (Defense Collaboration Service) DoD   Email:
Phone:  614-692-0032, Option 1, hold to reach DCS
   DSN:  312-850-0032  Option 1, hold to reach DCS
MODS (Medical Operational Data System) Army Email:
Phone: 888-849-4341
Phone: 703-681-4976
DSN:    312-761-4976
Web:  (ONLY available via a military network (as in no access from home))
FedVTE (Federal Virtual Training Environment)

*-Hours: Monday - Friday 0830 - 1800 Eastern (Except Holidays)
DoD    Web:
Phone:  202-558-2203 or
Phone:  888-804-4510 
Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army (IPPS-A)

*-Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 0800-2000 Eastern
Army     Email:
  Phone:  855-596-5678
  Phone:  541-429-6460

Website: (CAC Required link)
Army Training Help Desk and Army Learning Management System support for:
(Structured Self Development - SSD)

*-Hours: Monday - Friday 0700-1600 Eastern
Army Informational PDF

Phone:  800-275-2872, option 1
  DSN:  312-826-3666

Phone:  877-251-0730 (24/7 according to one person) 
Citrix / Remote Access Portal Help Desk Army Reserve  Email
Phone:  703-806-6678
  DSN:  312-656-6678
Headquarters Department of the Army Citrix Portal Pentagon    Web:
Phone:  703-571-4577, option 1
Army Clothing Record site on AKO

*-Hours:  24 / 7
Army Phone:  844-261-1066
DTS (Defense Travel System) All branches Web:
Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) Portal Army  Web:

Phone:   866-211-3367
Phone:   256-955-7716

   DSN:  312-645-7716
Fort Gordon Cyber Security Training Center

*-Hours: M-F 0700-1600 Eastern
Army   Web:
Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) Help Desk

*-Hours: 24 / 7
Joint  Email:
Phone: 757-203-5654
   DSN: 312-668-5654
DoD PKI / IASE Help Desk DISA   Web:

Phone:  405-739-5600
Phone:  800-490-1643

  DSN:  312-339-5600
DoD PKE Help Desk DISA Email:
Air Force Enterprise Service Desk Air Force Phone: 210-925-2900
DSN:   510-435-7337 (510-HELPDESK)
Air Force PKI Help Desk Air Force   Web: (CAC required)

Phone: 210-925-2521
  DSN:  312-945-2521
Air Force Portal Air Force Web:
Phone: 334-416-5771, Option 7
  DSN: 312-596-5771, Option 7

*-Hours: 24 / 7
Navy / NMCI Phone: 866-843-6624
Navy CAC / PKI Help Desk

*-Hours: 24 / 7
Navy / NMCI   Web: (CAC required)
Phone: 866-843-6624
My Navy Portal (MNP) Navy Email:
SPAWAR Integrated Support Center Help Desk Navy / SPAWAR   Web: (CAC required)
Phone: 800-304-4636
  DSN: 312-588-4286
MCEN MITSC Marine Corps Phone:  855-373-8762
USMC Registration Authority (RA) Operations Help Desk Marine Corps Phone:  703-432-0394
Marine Corps Enterprise Service Desk
Marine Corps   Email:
Phone:  855-373-8762
Phone:  816-915-3333
   DSN:  322-915-3333
DLA PKI Help Desk DLA  Email:
Phone: 804-279-5828
  DSN: 312-695-5828
WHS IPM Help Desk WHS   Web: (CAC required)

Phone: 571-372-0282
Full list of WHS supported Agencies can be found here (CAC required) 
Defense Contract Management Agency Remote Support Site DCMA Phone: 888-576-DCMA(3262)


If the above "official" help desks were unable to help you, you can request support from MilitaryCAC.


Select the logo (or text link) for the Operating System you would like support for, try the ideas on the following page, if you still have issues complete the webform.

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