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DTS recently updated their system to not need Java any longer


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Many changes took place in January 2018 where you won't recognize the DTS we've been using for many years.  Here is their "Look-Ahead" guide to help


If you are receiving Page Cannot be Displayed and you are Overseas, you may want to try a VPN solution


Common problems and workarounds with new version


Before you can access DTS...

1. You'll need to ensure your web browser is fully compatible


2. Obtain a digital PKI certificate

You have to have your Common Access Card


3. Contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) about setting up an account.

This person is at your unit


4. There are online tools available to help you learn more about DTS. All courses are offered through the Travel Explorer (TraX) website. To access TraX, register through Passport, the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) web portal. DTMO's training website also offers a variety of manuals and resources pertaining to DTS.

Instructions on accessing TraX



DTS How To Videos


I hope to find a way to update the Smart Book below, but I do not have access to DTS any longer since I'm not a Soldier or DoD Civilian.


Use this "Smart Book" to make DTS easier for you.

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PowerPoint version


DTS Web-based Training



DBSign information

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DTS Videos created by:  Devan Davenport

1. Introduction

2. Update Profile

3. Itinerary

4. Flight Selection

5. Flight Selection Continued

6. Rental Car and Hotel

7. Reservation Confirmation

8. Expenses Part 1

9. Expenses Part 2

10. Substantiating

11. Per Diem

12. Line of Accounting

13. Review and Submit


If you have questions or suggestions for this site, contact Michael J. Danberry



ACRONYM Reference Page


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