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Picture of CW3 Michael J. Danberry

Michael Danberry


Awarded "Legion of Merit" - 31 March 2015

LOM Medal


Awarded "Bronze Order of Mercury" - 15 December 2014

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Awarded "Bronze Order of Thor Medal" - 25 September 2014

Bronze Order of Thor


Awarded "Meritorious Service Medal" - 18 August 2014

Meritorious Service Medal


Awarded "Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal" - 3 November 2013



Attack the CAC article in Army Times - 21 August 2017


US Army Warrant Officer Association Newsliner magazine article - September 2013


MilitaryCAC and the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) CAC Resource Center were both listed as references in Army Enterprise Email message sent to all Soldiers' who's accounts would be migrated to Enterprise Email - 16 January 2013


 AKO Insider magazine article - 30 May 2012


Army Times article (Part 1  |  Part 2) - 29 November 2010


AKO - Community Page Administrator Workshop (CPAW) presentation - August 2010


Awarded "Army Achievement Medal" - 13 September 2009

Army Achievement Medal


I assisted AKO from April 2009 until is was shut down in 2020.  I used to answer emails addressed to AKO.CAC and provide all of the content for the AKO CAC Resource Center.


Have been a computer geek since receiving first computer [Commodore VIC 20] in January 1981.
CAC installation assistance has been ongoing since in November 2007 because the need for this information should be available to everyone.  Personal satisfaction is helping people when most "help desks" can't or refuse to.  The best payment you can give is to ShareThis website with your colleagues, and post some small tear off tab signs at your unit, or purchase some memorabiliaDonations are obviously accepted too.   This website does not have banner and flashing webpage ads, therefore, it is personal funds (along with the donations) that are used to pay for webhosting, domain name registration(s), and SSL certificate to keep this site as clean and quick loading as possible.
While deployed in 2003 to Kuwait & Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom, worked as the SIPR webmaster for the 3d COSCOM / V Corps Rear G6.  When V Corps moved to Baghdad, I assumed the duties of the System Administrator and became the "Go to guy" for the 3d COSCOM.  I still maintained the SIPR website, but also took care of the maintenance and administrative tasks for three separate networks, including 13 servers in our facility, helped facilitate the install of CENTRIXS on Balad, and continued to assist everyone with their computer problems.
Soon after returning from Iraq in early 2004, I moved to Minnesota (Minneapolis / Saint Paul) and sought out being an IMR for the 88th RRC.  I completed Level 1 IASO, IASO Technical Level 1, and the SA / NMSC at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin to become a tier level II technician. 
I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Network Development from Brown College in Minnesota, carry three CompTIA certifications.
The Army Reserve started using CAC logon in May 2006.  I [once again] became the "Go to guy" for my Army Reserve Center and Minnesota.  I thought Why stop there?  I could use my website and knowledge of CAC and share it with you. 


In 2010, the Army allowed me to leave the Ordnance Corps and join the Signal Corps after a 7.5 month long WOBC at Fort Gordon, GA, I finally became an official Army Computer Geek.


I retired from the Army on 1 March 2015, and now help the Army via the Army Enterprise Service Desk-Worldwide (AESD-W) as a contractor (which has no affiliation with this website).

This website allows me to help people in all branches of the Military worldwide!! 
Thanks for visiting my website.


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